ABC NT Country Hour: ERA and NLC on mine closure plan

Publish Date:
5th June 2018

Interviews with Energy Resources of Australia CEO Paul Arnold and Joe Morrison, CEO Northen Land Council.
Host says Energy Resources of Australia has released its mine closure plan, answering the question about what will happen when the Ranger Uranium Mine at Jabiru after processing stops in 2021.
Arnold says the plan includes adding a final landform layer to protect the environment from erosion. He notes the plan in essence lets the land create a self-sustaining ecosystem and it will be incorporated into Kakadu National Park in the future. He adds the company is required to complete mining and processing by 2021 and fully rehabilitate the site by 2026.

Joe Morrison, Chief Executive, Northern Land Council has welcomed the release of a mine closure plan, saying he is happy the plan has been made public. He says says traditional owners expect the land to be rehabilitated to the highest standard.

listen online here starts at 39.57