Kakadu West Arnhem Social Trust (KWAST)

Mirarr never wanted uranium mining on their country. 

When the Federal Government legislated for Ranger uranium mine to proceed in 1976, it was in direct opposition to Mirarr wishes to protect Kakadu.

Ranger commenced operations in 1980 and today the mine is still run by ERA, now majority owned by Rio Tinto. 

Mirarr have been living with the social, cultural and environmental fallout from the Ranger mine for 40 years.

In 2103 the Mirarr renegotiated the agreement that governs the Ranger uranium mine to facilitate better options for the social and economic future of the wider Kakadu region.

As a result of the renegotiated Ranger agreement, the Kakadu West Arnhem Social Trust (KWAST) was established.

KWAST seeks to promote economic and social opportunities for Aboriginal people in Kakadu’s wider West Arnhem region.

Under this renegotiated agreement a portion of the royalty payments directed to the Mirarr are to be used to benefit Bininj (Aboriginal people) in the wider region of West Arnhem.

To date, over $10 million has been distributed to organisations across the Kakadu and West Arnhem regions.