The continuing poor health of Aboriginal people in Australia remains an issue of paramount national concern. 

The manifold set of social problems confronting Aboriginal people is now well understood by health professionals and by the community. 

All the factors connect: health, housing, education, criminal justice, violence, employment and poverty. 

Improvement or detriment in one area has a direct impact upon others. The solutions is to be found in an integrated response that is community-controlled, constantly monitored and diligently maintained. 

Gundjeihmi has formed the view that government and other agencies must cede to local and regional communities the financial, human and organisational resources that are necessary and required for improved Indigenous health outcomes

Gundjeihmi is not a health provider but is dedicated to directly improving the health and wellbeing of Mirarr and other Bininj through its own initiatives and by - 

  • collaborating with Commonwealth and Territory programs
  • developing and supporting regional health initiatives 
  • actively supporting Aboriginal community-controlled health organizations 
  • monitoring the Ranger uranium mine to best protect human and environmental health
  • supporting the Gunbang (Alcohol) Action Group including measures addressing petrol sniffing and other volatile substance abuse